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About Aidan Monahan

Aidan P. Monahan is an Irish-born illustrator, painter, and sculptor based in San diego He has been drawing and painting since he was a little boy and now creates work that reflects his happy and positive view of the world.

Aidan is also a recognized tattoo artist working by appointment.

Aidan's commissions include character drawings, custom pet paintings, bespoke children's illustrations, and handmade toys.

"I hope my work makes you smile - if it does I have done my job." - Aidan

Comments From Clients:

"Your work is like sadness kryptonite! I'm all smiles looking through it."

"I had chatted with Aidan about what I was looking for, and he said yes, he can draw it up. When I went back to see the artwork, it was beyond what I had pictured in my head."

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